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Dedicated to Providing Fast and Convenient Urgent Care and on-site services.

Providing quality, compassionate health care in our clinic or at your location.



6/10/22 - We are expecting shipments later in June of the pediatric dosing for Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for use with children down to age 6 months. We will announce the shipment once it is confirmed.

5/15/22 - Currently Bebtelovimab is authorized and available for treating COVID-19. FastDoc is maintaining a supply on hand to treat those who are at higher risk for moderate to severe illness with COVID infection. Please call for availability of this treatment.

4/2/22 - Paxlovid was approved Novemvber of 2021 and has had limited availability, it is now readily available in many local pharmacies and available for treating COVID-19 infections.

3/10/22 - We currently have Remdesivir antiviral treatments available for COVID-19, this treatment consists of daily infusions over three days. This antiviral drug is normally reserved for hospital use, it has now been approved and we have it available in the outpatient setting. Please call to check to see if your insurance covers this treatment.


Fast Doc is an Urgent Care provider, we are a new business with a new approach.​ With the COVID pandemic we are aware that many people are concerned about going to the office, going into a clinic, or unnecessarily being out in the community for a prescription refill, a minor illness, questions regarding a problem, or even an injury. Unfortunately, most of the people who are high risk for a bad outcome in the event of a COVID infection, are also those people who most likely need ongoing medical management for their chronic conditions. There are also people who care for, or live with others who are in this group of highest risk people.


FastDoc is staffed by medical providers with decades of Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care experience across the north Texas region.   We are able to see patients of all ages, and will provide a free screening to make sure our service is appropriate for your health care needs.


FastDoc provides the following walk-in services with no appointment necessary:


  • Treatment for active COVID-19 infections.

  • Free COVID Vaccine, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J.

  • Wound Care

  • Laceration repair

  • Immunizations

  • Physical Exams / Sports Physicals

  • Treatment for infections

  • Muscle and Bone injuries

  • And other services  See more >>


We provide testing for many conditions including:

  • COVID19 Rapid Antigen Testing

  • COVID19 Rapid PCR Testing

  • COVID19 RT-PCR Testing with 1h turnaround

  • Strep throat

  • Influenza

  • RSV

  • Urinary Tract Infections

  • Blood tests

  • And other tests  See more >>

Better Care Starts with US!


Katie L.

"We visited FastDoc for pre-travel testing and a vaccination. They were extremely helpful and accommodating to my very nervous children. They were quick, efficient, compassionate, and creative!"


"We just visited the clinic and it was amazing service! The entire staff was so friendly and they spent time with us to answer all our questions. They genuinely cared about our health! I highly recommend this clinic!"

Laura B.

"So grateful for FastDoc in Allen!! They were kind and took great care of me as quickly as possible!! Excellent experience!"

Amie V.

"Highly recommend FastDoc Urgent Care! I was able to walk in and be seen right away. The staff is friendly and compassionate. I was able to get immediate help for my issue, and was in and out quickly! I will definitely be recommending them to everyone!"



Brittney N.

"Had a great visit at FastDoc. I busted my finger by slamming it in the door a few days ago and they were able to help me quickly by relieving the pressure in my finger. The staff was very friendly and answered any questions that I had. The facility was clean and in a convenient location. I will be recommending this clinic to everyone. Will return in the future if necessary. I was in and out in less than 30 min."

Amanda Hansen
"We LOVE FastDoc. Dr. Lee went out of his way to help our daughter after her knee injury. We are so thankful for FastDoc and would highly recommend it. It is an excellent value and we received great, personal service."