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We provide a number of on site and reference lab testing options to fit your needs. Call us now for appointments or questions 214-785-7246 or by email at

Available Testing

On site testing includes:


  • X-Ray Services

  • 1 hour COVID RT-PCR

  • 15 Minute COVD PCR / Antigen

  • Rapid Strep

  • Rapid Influenza

  • RSV

  • Mononucleosis

  • Urinalysis

  • Pregnancy

Send out testing:


  • COVID19 RT-PCR (overnight results)

  • Overnight infectious illness PCR (UA/Respiratory/GI/Wound)

  • CBC (Blood counts)

  • CMP (Metabolic Panels)

  • Testosterone Levels

  • Cholesterol

  • STD Screening

  • Any available LabCorp / Quest labs.

We provide a variety of testing services, and can collect specimens or tests requested by your doctor. Contact us now for an appointment>> 
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